Why are Oracle Business Solutions outselling their competition and why should we choose you?
Because we have the best system in place and the best staff.

Do we start paying Oracle Business Solutions?
No, we do not take over your billing. You have the added reassurance of billing direct to the network. As we do not receive ongoing commission, you can know for sure we will give you the very best deal and that we're independent and impartial.

Can I keep the same telephone numbers?
Yes, your current mobile numbers can easily be transferred onto your new network.

I only run a small business. Is there any benefit for choosing Oracle Business Solutions?
Absolutely, the more you spend the more we can save but even if your usage is low, we will often will be able to offer you a lot more for your money.

What after sales can I get?
We understand that sale begins for you once the order is completed. Many of our competitors forget this and shoddy after care is the result. Although the arrangement we use is for the network to handle the day to day running of your account, we provide added support as part of our partnership, providing you with specialist independent advice free of charge. With us on your side at all times you can benefit from our commercial relationships. We offer a professional local point of contact, wherever you are. All ongoing requirements can be met by us as we look to work with our clients well into the future.

How do Oracle Business Solutions make its money then?
The networks employ our services to furnish their smaller business customers and we receive all revenue from our providers.

How much does a professional consultation with one of our experts cost?
It's free! We carry out a professional assessment of your communication requirements and make our recommendations free of charge.

How long does a consultation last?
Depending on the size and complexity of your mobile fleet, 20mins to 45mins.

What if I am still in contract, do I have to pay for switching network providers?
Not a problem. 95% of businesses we deal with are in contract. We project manage the switch and deal with any cost as agreed in terminating your existing supplier.

How much can Oracle Business Solutions save me?
We usually save clients over 30% but savings of 40% are not unusual.

What do we do once Oracle Business Solutions have found us a more competitive deal?
Nothing, we do every thing for you. Just start to enjoy the savings and benefits.

Will I have to pay for new handsets?
It is very rare that a customer should ever have to pay anything to us. However, it is determined by the phones and tariffs chosen so we will advise you in our consultation if your requirements looks likely to incur any charge.

When will we get our new mobile telephones?
Typically between 48 hours and two weeks depending on if you are porting telephone numbers to the other network.